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Week 6 Term 4 2020


Principals Welcome Week 6 Term 4

Now that it is halfway through the term, we are on the home stretch to our well deserved summer holidays. I am amazed at how much we have already managed to fit into this term and know that the students are working hard to complete their best work in the classroom with the help of their teachers. Plans are well under way for our 2020 End of Year Concert where we will be announcing the 2021 Student Forum and presenting awards to deserving recipients. Our reports will then be sent home on the students' last day, December 17th. 

I always love seeing our wonderful senior students showing such great care and patience with our junior students! This week we discussed why we have rules and what to do in the playground if you might not agree with someone else. Rules help us stay safe and also make sure things are fair. I love learning about new games and finding out what each person thinks the rules of the game should be. If anyone is having any problems in the playground they know to go to the teacher on duty so that the teacher can help resolve any issues. It is a great skill to be able to compromise and negotiate to make sure that everyone is having FUN with their friends.

Finally, on Friday our much awaited delivery of library furniture arrived! Thank you so much to the P&C for providing the funding to make the space more colourful and functional. The students were absolutely amazed and excited about their new learning space. On Monday's we enjoy hands on activities in the library with robots like Bee Bots, Dash & Dot and even created our own game controls using Makey Makey. What a wonderful learning space to have at Scaddan Primary!

Our Amazing Award Winners Week 6 Term 4

Values Star


For demonstrating the value of Excellence during our recent Maths investigation. You planned a highly entertaining day at “Leisure Land” which satisfied all the criteria and, importantly, didn’t exceed the budget! Well done, Caitlyn. 

Junior Room News Week 6 Term 4

See what's been happening in the Junior Room in the last few weeks.

Birthday Wishes Week 6 Term 4


Miss Martino - 29th

Recent News Week 6 Term 4

Find out what has been happening at Scaddan PS in the last couple of weeks

Book Fair

I loved seeing the Scaddan students SO excited about our amazing Book Fair last Thursday. Thank you to all the parents who came down to support their children and the school. Ms Harry worked hard to set up and organise the day so that the school could take part in this wonderful opportunity. Congratulations to the following students for winning a $10 voucher for their colouring in: 


While Ms Harry was busy with bookfair, Miss Hatton set up some wonderful junior activities and was supported by Miss Egan and Mrs Guerini. Thank you for helping out on the day!


Last week we celebrated NAIDOC week in the classroom. We read books and watched videos from First Nations Bedtime Stories to learn from and celebrate First Nations stories.

'Why is this important?

First Nations cultures on this continent make up the oldest continuous cultures in the world. They go back over 80,000 years, and hold incredible knowledge and wisdom passed down through thousands of generations. However, since colonisation, they have been disregarded and undervalued.'

They have also been working on their Noongar Seasonal Calendars. I know the students are looking forward to sharing them with you when they are finished!

Well done to the teachers and students at Scaddan for engaging in such wonderful learning activities for NAIDOC week.

Remembrance Day

Last Wednesday we reflected on Remembrance day. We spoke about the significance of the day to remember and pay tribute to those who fought for the fortunate lives that we have today. We came together as a school to reflect on our past and be hopeful for the future. We also highlighted the significant contributions of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were serving for 87 years before even being considered citizens of Australia. 34 Aboriginal men served at Gallipoli, 12 of whom were killed. Now, there are more than 800 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who serve with distinction in the Australian Defence Forces. Last week the students made wreaths to place under the flag that was flown at half-mast before observing one minutes silence while listening to ‘The Last Post’.

Basketball Coaching

This term, we are utilising our Sporting School Grant to receive Basketball coaching, two sessions a week! Chloe from Esperance Basketball Association is running the sessions to develop students movement skills in Basketball. I can’t wait to see the improvements made throughout the term.

Kindy Transition Day

Today (Tuesday 17th November) was our Kindy Transition Day! It was such a great opportunity to welcome our 2021 Kindy students into our school. Our new Kindy students got to play during break times and were learning all about our school routines at Scaddan. Well done to our Scaddan students for making them feel welcome!

Upcoming Events and Information Week 6 Term 4

Kaddatji Nyungar Boodja Plants & Culture Session

On Monday 23rd November, we have organised an incursion with Salmon Gums based on Nyungar Boodja Plants & Culture. The Botanist and President of the Esperance Wildflower Society, Ken Mills, will work with the Tjaltjraak Rangers to deliver a microscope activity as part of these sessions. We look forward to hosting Salmon Gums for the incursion, joint lunch and play!

Student Leaders Reward Day- Year 6 Students

On December 4th the Year 6 students will have their Reward Day Excursion. Mr Paterson will be joining the students on their Reward Day. Further information will be sent home to parents as soon as it is available.

Mr Jake’s return

This Friday 20th November, we will be welcoming back our fabulous chaplain, Mr Jake! He has been given the all clear to return to schools and take it easy. I know the students will be thrilled to see him happy and well. We look forward to having him back for the rest of the term.

New Library System

This term we will be migrating over to a new Library System- Oliver v5. Staff will be trained up this term, ready to start in 2021! On that note, a friendly reminder that the last day of borrowing will be December 3rd which leaves 2 weeks at the end of term for students to make sure all their books are returned before the end of the year.

Student Forum

Our Student Forum members represent the voice and opinions of all the children within our school. Through our Student Forum, we aim to develop young leadership skills, whilst supporting student decision making and providing opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. Most importantly, our Student Forum team strive to promote the well-being of the children within our inclusive school. The Student Forum is run and led by the children, supported by the Principal, and takes an active role in making decisions and suggestions on behalf of the students in the school.

This year, our years 2-5 students will all have the opportunity to nominate and present a speech to their peers to aim for Student Forum 2021. Based on the presentation and votes, the structure of the Student Forum will be decided and announced at the End Of Year Concert (December 15th). 

The staff at Scaddan place a very high importance on the role of the Student Forum as it is a privilege to lead and represent the school. Being able to prepare and present a speech to your peers can be very nerve wracking, but having opportunities in a supportive and caring environment will prepare the students for leadership opportunities in the future!

Be You

This term we have been utilising the Be You resources to help guide our planning for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Scaddan. 

'Be You aims to transform Australia’s approach to supporting children’s and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools. Our vision is that every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient – a place where every child, young person, educator and family can achieve their best possible mental health.' 

After collecting and analysing results from educators and children at Scaddan we have identified areas for development into 2021 and beyond. Be You have just released digital survey's to help collect responses from the community. Hopefully having a digital option will be less hassle during such a busy time! If any parents were interested in helping guide the formation of our plan by submitting a response through the link below it would be greatly appreciated. 

Family survey participant information

Community Events Week 6 Term 4

From the Scaddan P&C

Important information regarding pre loved uniforms. We now are introducing a Pre Loved Uniform Exchange system. Please select the hyperlink for more information regarding this system.

 Scaddan Pre Loved Uniform Exchange

Updat-ed App

We would ask parents to download the Updat-ed app (a link has been placed on the school website or you can access through the various app stores). This app will enable us to be able to push out any reminders and alerts to everyone eg. late buses. It will also support our Emergency Management Plan. The app will also provide links to newsletters and other important school information. If you require any assistance please contact the office.

Principals Welcome

As a school, we are required to work towards improving the attendance of our students. There are a so many important reasons why your child needs to attend school regularly.  By regularly, we mean above 90% of the time (no more than five absent days per term).  Of course there are always exceptions to this when children need to take time off school for perfectly acceptable reasons.

What should I do if my child is away from school?

  • Please let the school know at the earliest convenience, either by phone or email.
  • If your child is going to be away for more than three days, please let the school know by phone or email.
  • Send a note with your child to explain why your child was away.

Updat-ed school app

Our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.

To download the app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android’s. Search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school. We’ll receive your registration request and will need to approve you before your app is up and running.



So what will the app do?


The app’s great for sending out alerts and reminders with one of its best features being the ability to save events directly into your phone’s calendar.


We hope you enjoy being Updat-ed.