Scaddan PS Newsletter

Week 2, Term 1


Principal Welcome Week 2 Term 1 2021

Dear parents and families,

Welcome back to school and the beginning of what I am sure will be a great year. 

We welcome Layla, Ava, Flynn and Christian to Scaddan Primary School. We were all impressed by how you approached your first week at school and look forward to seeing you take your first steps in your Scaddan learning journey.

The school is very fortunate to have Miss Hatton and Mr Paterson for another year and we are lucky to be able to increase Mrs Bouckaert’s teaching time to three mornings a week. Working alongside our teachers we have the amazing Mrs Crawford and Mrs Guerini. We also have two Chaplains, Mrs Blair and Mr Jake, alternating weekly. Both Chaplains bring a wealth of experience and truly support our holistic approach to our student’s learning.

Mrs Berry continues to be our fantastic Manager Corporate Services and a welcoming face in the admin block. We also have Miss Mas and Mr Bailye making our grounds and school look amazing.

For myself, I’m really happy to be back after Long Service Leave and I would like to highlight the great work that Miss Rachel Martino did in my absence. Rachel was invaluable in enabling our new library system (Oliver) to be installed, she did a huge amount of work together with the School Council in regards to wellbeing and the creation of the school wellbeing action plan and also COVID response plan, led an indepth analysis of our current performance as a school and she also brought her wealth of knowledge in regards to ICT. I know that the staff were very appreciative of Rachel’s leadership and we wish her well in her acting role at Condingup PS.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Marg Hall for the fun and care that she put into her role as the south bus driver. The parents, staff and students really appreciated Marg being part of the school community and we were really sad that the route was lost. Thank you, Marg.


‘Learning and Friendship’

Birthday wishes Week 2 Term 1 2021


Aleisha - 8th


Indi-Lee - 27th

Recent News Week 2 Term 1 2021


Student Leaders

Our student leaders have made a great start, ensuring that our fitness program runs smoothly and also modelling our school values. Thank you to Charlie, Caitlyn, Lucas and Mieke for their efforts so far. The student leader badges will be presented at assembly in Week 4.

Class Structures and Timetable

As you may have seen in the Parent Handbook, the timetable has changed with a slightly later recess and lunch now happening. 

On a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, there is also a change in class structures with Miss Hatton teaching the PP/K, Mrs Bouckaert teaching the Year 1,2 and 3 students and Mr Paterson teaching the Year 4 and 5 students.  

The timetable and class structure changes are to enable us to really impact your child's learning within Literacy and Numeracy and set them up for future success.

Upcoming Events and Information Week 2 Term 1 2021

Senior Assembly

Our first assembly, will be on Thursday 25th February at 9am in the library. We look forward to the Year 1,2 and 3 students showcasing their work.

Faction Carnival and Interschool

On Thursday 11th March, we will be joining the students, staff and parents of Salmon Gums for a great day of athletics and fun. This year Salmon Gums Primary School will be hosting the event with the support of their amazing P&C. Also, on Friday 26th March, Cascade PS and Munglinup PS will be co-hosting the Interschool Carnival. We will send more information home in the next week regarding the locations of these events and parent information.


Our School Photos will take place on Thursday 4th March in the morning. Once again Fotomakers have been chosen to take the photos. Envelopes will be coming home very soon. The formal white school top will be used for photos.


We currently have an enrolment of 26 students from Kindergarten – Year 5. The Department of Education conducts a student census at the beginning of each semester. These numbers will be submitted to the Department on Friday 12th February to ensure that we are resourced as a school to provide the best programs possible.

Student Forms

Thank you to those you have completed the forms. With the ‘Third Party Services’ agreement now part of the forms sent home it is imperative that we have permissions returned so that students can participate in all learning programs. If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact myself, David Vooght-Simpson.

Home Readers

Please keep in contact with your child's class teacher in regard to home readers and how your child is progressing. A good guide for how your child is travelling is to count the reading errors your child makes per page. If there are more than 5 errors then the teacher may have to adjust the reader level. 


On a Friday, if you cannot get through to a staff member through the office telephone, please contact the school mobile number on 0427 756 055.


A notification of the newsletter or 'eNews' gets emailed out to all parents and community members. As it is the new year we do revise this list, if you could please send in  via email at, familiy members or community members (past or present) that would like to receive the email notification you can refer them to the Scaddan Primary School website, Please remember to provide the other members emails when contacting the school. 

Emergency Management Helpers

I would like to thank Brad and Christine Lewis for being our third Emergency Helper for Scaddan Primary School over the years. we are now looking for other community members to be a part of this list of Emergency Helpers at Scaddan Primary School.
As there is now a vacancy for a third emergency Helper for Scaddan Primary School if any one is interested in this could they please contact the school on 08 90756055.

A couple of reminders

If you are picking up your child from school, please write a note in your child’s diary, or call the school so that it can be written up on the bus whiteboard. Also, parents that pick up students, could you please walk past the admin block and around the verandahs to collect students. It is really important that we continue to model to students, that crossing where the buses arrive and depart is not the safest option.

Community Events Week 2 Term 1 2021

Scaddan P&C


The Scaddan Primary School P&C have 10 St John Ambulance Work Utility first aid kits for sale for $50 each.  This is a $15 saving per kit. We would like to thank the Esperance St John’s Ambulance service for helping us with this very practical fundraiser for our school.  For all further information and ordering please contact Emily Aarts on 0422 967 735.

So far we have sold 20 kits in 3 days, with a total of $500 saved in purchases and $500 raised for the Scaddan Primary School.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed, we really appreciate the support for our school!

Scaddan P&C Membership Form

Attendance Matters

As a school, we are required to work towards improving the attendance of our students.

There are a so many important reasons why your child needs to attend school regularly.  By regularly, we mean above 90% of the time (no more than five absent days per term). The Esperance Region is working hard to ensure that our students attend school.  If as a school, we can aspire to reach 92 - 93%, then we will be really helping our students to reach their full potential.

Of course there are always exceptions to this when children need to take time off school for perfectly acceptable reasons.

What should I do if my child is away from school?

  • Please let the school know at the earliest convenience, either by phone or email.
  • If your child is going to be away for more than three days, please let the school know by phone or email.
  • Send a note with your child to explain why your child was away.

Influenza Vaccination Program for Primary School Aged Children

This year, the Department of Health WA has provided funding for all primary school children to receive a free influenza vaccine.

Updat-ed school app

Our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.

To download the app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android’s. Search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school. We’ll receive your registration request and will need to approve you before your app is up and running.



So what will the app do?


The app’s great for sending out alerts and reminders with one of its best features being the ability to save events directly into your phone’s calendar.


We hope you enjoy being Updat-ed.