Scaddan PS Newsletter

Week 6, Term 1 2021


Principals Welcome Week 6, Term 1 2021

Dear parents and families,

Thank you to Mrs Bouckaert and the Year 1, 2 and 3 students for hosting the assembly.  We all really enjoyed the 'Never Never land Tinker and Bear' performance and were once again amazed at the clarity and confidence in how the students spoke. Congratulations to all award recipients; George, Marley, Mieke and Kiana. 

Well done to Mieke who learnt and delivered the Acknowledgement of Country brilliantly. We look forward to hosting the next assembly on Thursday 1st April at 2.15pm.

In the past few weeks, I have been fortunate to spend time with the School Council and P&C. Thank you to all members who are so dedicated to ensuring that the students achieve great outcomes and that staff are able to work in a fantastic environment and within a very supportive community. The School Council continues to focus on the portfolios of Cultural Awareness/Responsiveness, Wellbeing, and also Sustainability. The P&C will be continuing to support class budgets and the funding of a chaplain while also supporting the development of an orchard. Fundraising continues through the ‘Containers for Change’, Event catering, First Aid Kit sales, Brick Pavers and also the Scaddan PS 2021 Calendars.

School Council 2021            

Amanda Bouckaert (School Chair)

Ros Tyrrell

Catherine Sanderson

Tara Vermeersch

Elaine Egan

Natalie Bowman

Samantha Hatton


P&C members 2021

Tara Vermeersch (President)

Ros Tyrrell (Vice President)

Amanda Biggers (Treasurer)

Emily Aarts (Secretary, WACCSO Rep)

Mykayla Vermeersch (West Bus Rep)

Brendon Tyrrell (East Bus Rep)

Thank you to the P&C for the Busy Bee that took place at Pioneer Park. Also, thank you for the mulching that took place at the front of the school and the proposed orchard area. The work looks amazing.

There has been a little bit of confusion in regards to buses this term due to information not being communicated to the school. Please let us know as early as possible if circumstances change by communicating with your child's teacher, calling the office/school mobile or preferably indicating the change within the diary. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the Faction Carnival on Thursday.

Kind regards,


Our Amazing Award Winners Week 6, Term 1 2021

Values Star


For demonstrating nurturing towards her kindergarten classmates by helping them find books in the library and showing them how to get books out.

Senior Room Week 6, Term 1 2021

See what's been happening in the Senior Room in the last few weeks.

The Year 1-5 students getting “hooked” into their persuasive Talk For Writing unit on dinosaurs! 


Birthday Wishes Week 6, Term 1 2021

Birthday wishes


Layla - 16th
Mieke - 20th
Brody - 31st

Recent News Week 6, Term 1 2021

SGPS visited for Faction Practice

The students of Salmon Gums PS visited yesterday for a day of Faction Carnival practice. It was really great to see the students mixing and bonding as a group. Salmon Gums will visit once more before the Interschool Carnival.


Though the weather was cold and wet we still managed to get through the school photos and keep a smile on our faces. Thank you to June and Greg - Fotomakers for making the experience enjoyable despite the challenging weather conditions.

Education Assistant position

We are currently running a process for an Education Assistant position. The closing date was Tuesday 2nd March and short listing is about to take place.  We hope to have the process completed by the end of week 8.

Upcoming Events and Information Week 6, Term 1 2021

Leadership Day

Charlie, Caitlyn and Lucas will be heading into Esperance for a leadership day. The day will start at Esperance Primary School and then the Year 4/5 student leaders will head over to Esperance Senior High School for an afternoon of Science and PE. Thank you to both schools for hosting the sessions.

Faction Carnival

Salmon Gums PS are hosting this year’s Mallee North Faction Carnival; however, Scaddan PS will be the venue for the event. The Faction Carnival will take place on Thursday 11th March. The teams and list of events have been sent out to parents. The aim of the day is to have fun and to develop strong positive relationships before we head off to the Interschool Athletics Carnival.

NAPLAN practice

Our Year 3 and 5 students will be taking part in a NAPLAN practise session on Thursday 25th March. This is a co ordinated practise across the state and its intention is to ensure that the systems are all in place ready for NAPLAN Online during week 4, Term 2.

Interschool Carnival

Currently, the Interschool Athletics Carnival date is Friday 26th March at Cascade Oval. Mallee West have also booked the Greater Sports Ground on Monday 29th March in case there are any disruptions. The date will be confirmed and set in stone after Friday 12th March. Once again, the teams are Esperance Christian School, Condingup Primary School, Mallee West (Munglinup/Cascade combined) and Mallee North (Scaddan/Salmon Gums combined). Further information will be sent out to parents in the coming weeks.

Just a reminder that students will need to make their own way to the venue.

Senior Camp

Arrangements are now being made for the Year 5, 6 camp to take place in Kalgoorlie in Term 2.  More information will be available soon.

Voluntary Contributions and Charges

We are now collecting Voluntary Contributions and Charges. Endorsed by the School Council and provided to all parents at the end of last year, these payments greatly assist in the provision and planning of a range of activities for your children. Please make cheques payable to Scaddan Primary School or directly deposit into the school account (details provided on the 2021 Voluntary Contributions and Charges sheet). If you need any more information do not hesitate to contact Mrs Berry in the office.


Community Events Week 6, Term 1 2021

Scaddan P&C News

Community Events


Term Dates 2021

Scaddan Primary School 




Term 1

 Monday February 1st- Thursday April 1st

 Students (9 Weeks)


Thurs January 28th

Staff Development Day


Fri January 29th

Staff Development Day


Monday February 1st

Students First day of Term 1


Monday March 5th

Labour Day


Thurs April 1st

Last day of school - students


Fri April 2nd

Good Friday

Term 2

 Mon April 19th- Fri July 2nd

 Students (11 Weeks)


Monday April 19th

Students First day of Term 2


Monday April 26th

ANZAC Day Public Holiday


Friday June 4th

Staff Development Day
No Students


Monday June 7th

W.A. Day Public Holiday


Friday July 2nd

Last day of school - students

Term 3

 Tuesday July 20th- Friday September 24th

Students (10 Weeks)


Monday July 19th

Staff Development Day
No Students


Tuesday July 20th

Students First day of Term 3


Friday September 24th

Last day of school - students

Term 4

 Monday October 11th- Thursday December 16th

 Students (10 Weeks)


Monday October 11th

Students First day of Term 4


Friday October 15th

Staff Development Day- No Students
Esperance Show Day


Thursday 16th December

Last day of school - students


Friday December 17th

Staff Development Day

Attendance Matters

As a school, we are required to work towards improving the attendance of our students.

There are a so many important reasons why your child needs to attend school regularly.  By regularly, we mean above 90% of the time (no more than five absent days per term). The Esperance Region is working hard to ensure that our students attend school.  If as a school, we can aspire to reach 92 - 93%, then we will be really helping our students to reach their full potential.

Of course there are always exceptions to this when children need to take time off school for perfectly acceptable reasons.

What should I do if my child is away from school?

  • Please let the school know at the earliest convenience, either by phone or email.
  • If your child is going to be away for more than three days, please let the school know by phone or email.
  • Send a note with your child to explain why your child was away.

Influenza Vaccination Program for Primary School Aged Children

This year, the Department of Health WA has provided funding for all primary school children to receive a free influenza vaccine.

Updat-ed school app

Our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.

To download the app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android’s. Search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school. We’ll receive your registration request and will need to approve you before your app is up and running.



So what will the app do?


The app’s great for sending out alerts and reminders with one of its best features being the ability to save events directly into your phone’s calendar.


We hope you enjoy being Updat-ed.