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Week 9, Term 2 2021


Principals Welcome Week 9, Term 2 2021

I am sure we are all starting to feel the pinch of an 11-week term, especially one that has involved seeding, the end of financial year, adapting to a new principal and the commitments that come with winter sports. As a school, we acknowledge this and thank you for your ongoing and heartfelt commitment to Scaddan Primary School year round.

We are on the home stretch and still have a lot of learning (and a good dash of fun) left to squeeze into the last 3 weeks! Our values tokens have been coming in hot! A big congratulations to our AMAZING students who have been working hard to uphold our Scaddan Primary School values at all times. As a result of their hard work, they have collectively achieved a whole school reward. Please see upcoming events for further information!

Award Winners Week 9, Term 2 2021

Values Star


For consistently demonstrating the value of Nurturing during our whole-school morning fitness sessions. Keep it up, Caitlyn! 

Merit Certificate Recipients



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60 Reads

90 Reads

Aussie of the Month

Junior Room Week 9, Term 2 2021

Our "what I want to be when I grow up" dress up day raised $87.50 to help us adopt a koala.

We had dancers, teachers, a police officer, vets, an archaeologist, a few football players and so many more incredible occupations! 

Thankyou for your donations.



Birthday Wishes Week 9, Term 2 2021

Birthday Wishes


Lukas - 29th

Recent News Week 9, Term 2 2021


P&C Thank you!

The school would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our amazing P&C who catered for the Mallee Network Staff Development Day. Your food was absolutely divine and received amazing reviews throughout the day. We acknowledge the effort and time that goes into this behind the scenes. Thank you!

Junior Room Assembly

Congratulations to the Junior Room and Miss Hatton who put together a marvellous assembly item. You should all feel so proud of your confidence and commitment to rehearsing your lines. Well done!

Leaders Morning

Our student leaders recently attended a development opportunity at Castletown Primary School. They spent the morning networking with other leaders in Esperance, building their interpersonal skills and working their way through team building activities. From all reports, they represented their school and families with pride and excellence.

Assessment and Reporting

Well done to our students who have been busy with learning and assessments throughout this term. A big appreciation to our teachers who have shown the upmost commitment to writing reports. Reports will come home Wednesday 30th June (Week 11).

Upcoming Events and Information Week 9, Term 2 2021

Council Meeting

Our next Council meeting will be held in the library at 1pm Wednesday 30th June. We look forward to seeing our members there.

Whole School Values Reward – Free Dress Day

As part of our Whole School Reward students will be invited to Free Dress Day on Friday 2nd July. They will also take part in some fun games and activities throughout the day. Congratulations to the students on earning this reward.

Year 5/6 Camp

On Monday, our incredible Year 5 students and the very excited Mr Paterson will be heading off to Kalgoorlie Camp. We wish them the very best on their adventure and cannot wait to hear all the amazing stories.

Swim Week (Pre-primary – Year 6)

Thank you to those families who have indicated whether they have their own accommodation in town or will require further assistance with the logistics of Swim Week. We kindly ask our remaining families to complete the note that has been sent home today. Once all numbers are back, we will be able to collate this information as a Mallee network and communicate our plan for Swim Week with parents. Please contact Ashleigh Dixon if you have any questions or concerns.

Community Events Week 9, Term 2 2021

Blue Tree Project - Scaddan Sundowner

How many trees have been painted blue around Esperance? It’s great to see them when we’re out and about and it's such an important conversation starter around mental health.

Please come hear Kendall Whyte, CEO and co-founder of the Blue Tree Project, talk next Thursday evening as part of the Scaddan Sundowner and Information Night – all are welcome to this free event to promote rural health of the mind and body.

That short, short drive to Scaddan will be rewarded with vital information for our community, drinks and sausage sizzle! 

Kendall, who was recently announced as the 2021 Young West Australian of the Year, will be covering rural mental health and our awesome St John Ambulance personnel will be there to talk about physical health and safety – covering all bases, an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

This is an AgConnectWA run event sponsored by Elders. AgConnectWA aims to engage, connect, represent, educate, listen, advocate and support young people throughout the agricultural industry and communities, in order to address challenges they face, and harness opportunities that are available to them. However, all are welcome at this event. It has been organised to benefit the community as a whole.

Details are:

Scaddan Country Club   Thursday 17th June    6pm – 9.30pm

Scaddan P&C



Term Dates 2021

Scaddan Primary School 




Term 1

 Monday February 1st- Thursday April 1st

 Students (9 Weeks)


Thurs January 28th

Staff Development Day


Fri January 29th

Staff Development Day


Monday February 1st

Students First day of Term 1


Monday March 5th

Labour Day


Thurs April 1st

Last day of school - students


Fri April 2nd

Good Friday

Term 2

 Mon April 19th- Fri July 2nd

 Students (11 Weeks)


Monday April 19th

Students First day of Term 2


Monday April 26th

ANZAC Day Public Holiday


Friday June 4th

Staff Development Day
No Students


Monday June 7th

W.A. Day Public Holiday


Friday July 2nd

Last day of school - students

Term 3

 Tuesday July 20th- Friday September 24th

Students (10 Weeks)


Monday July 19th

Staff Development Day
No Students


Tuesday July 20th

Students First day of Term 3


Friday September 24th

Last day of school - students

Term 4

 Monday October 11th- Thursday December 16th

 Students (10 Weeks)


Monday October 11th

Students First day of Term 4


Friday October 15th

Staff Development Day- No Students
Esperance Show Day


Thursday 16th December

Last day of school - students


Friday December 17th

Staff Development Day

Attendance Matters

As a school, we are required to work towards improving the attendance of our students.

There are a so many important reasons why your child needs to attend school regularly.  By regularly, we mean above 90% of the time (no more than five absent days per term). The Esperance Region is working hard to ensure that our students attend school.  If as a school, we can aspire to reach 92 - 93%, then we will be really helping our students to reach their full potential.

Of course there are always exceptions to this when children need to take time off school for perfectly acceptable reasons.

What should I do if my child is away from school?

  • Please let the school know at the earliest convenience, either by phone or email.
  • If your child is going to be away for more than three days, please let the school know by phone or email.
  • Send a note with your child to explain why your child was away.

Updat-ed school app

Our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.

To download the app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android’s. Search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school. We’ll receive your registration request and will need to approve you before your app is up and running.



So what will the app do?


The app’s great for sending out alerts and reminders with one of its best features being the ability to save events directly into your phone’s calendar.


We hope you enjoy being Updat-ed.