Principals Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all children and parents of the school, and also to those beginning at Scaddan Primary School.

We are a wonderful small school who work together to ensure that all students have amazing opportunities and learning programs. Scaddan Primary School has a 'family feel' with all students knowing one another and working together.

Our students learn

Each day, our students are engaged in interesting and challenging learning experiences. The teaching program focuses on personalised student learning through inquiry, critical thinking and creativity, with a commitment to the use of a variety of Digital Technologies. Our programs revolve around a strong commitment to English, Mathematics and Science, as well integrated learning opportunities. Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG); French (through SIDE) and STEM give students a range of engaging, challenging and relevant experiences.  The use of technology is integrated into the classrooms to support the learning and also develop a range of skills.  Opportunities such as participation in Numero, Incursions and Excursions, and fantastic camps such the Year 5/6 Senior Camp enable our students to reach their  potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally. 

Our students play

Our well-resourced facilities and beautiful grounds create a sense of place. Our students thrive in a safe, attractive and stimulating outdoor environment featuring expansive, well-grassed and spacious playing fields, landscaped gardens, extensive play equipment, basketball/netball courts, a football oval, Nature Play Area and more. An outdoor environment conducive to cooperative play and social development.

Our students and staff nurture

Our students nurture those around them. They are supported to show appreciation for individuals’ needs, respect for one another and support of each other’s values and opinions. The students are also encouraged to nurture the nature around them, for example through our SAKG program and outdoor learning.

Every child is nurtured and looked after with the utmost care and attention to their welfare and safety.  We strive to meet all our student’s changing needs on a day-to-day basis.  The wellbeing of all is paramount at Scaddan Primary School, ensuring our students are able to keep active, connect with others, be aware of their surroundings and help those around them.

Our students are encouraged to take increasing personal responsibility, to be resilient and self-disciplined, fair- minded, honest and reliable, all within a supportive and caring framework. 

Our staff plan and play

Our teachers are highly talented and dedicated.  They work in collaboration within school and within our local networks to develop a school culture that values teaching and learning.  Just as each child is an individual with their own character and needs, so too their educational growth is unique. The teachers are committed to nurturing and developing the ability of each child through carefully planned and innovative teaching programs. Teachers know each other’s students as well as their own and share the nurturing and development of all students across their year level. 


Our Community actively contributes


The Scaddan Primary School Community is extremely welcoming. The people in our community make our school a special place to be. The encouraging and affirming relationships define our learning community.  We invite you to become involved in your child’s education through being actively involved in school events and decision making opportunities.

The support of the community and the commitment of the highly professional staff in providing innovative and effective teaching and learning programs, make Scaddan a terrific place for all children and staff.

As Principal, my door is always open to parents wishing to discuss their child's progress or anything at all related to the school.  Our aim is to ensure that every child has a positive and rewarding year.

Kind regards,


Lynley Neill