School Council

Our School Council consists of elected parents, community and staff representatives, with parent and community members forming and holding the majority of positions. These members bring their time, energies, skills and knowledge to assist in positively leading and contributing to school direction.

In summary Council supports in:

  1. Establishing and reviewing school objectives, priorities and general policy direction
  2. The planning of financial arrangements to fund these objectives and directions
  3. Evaluating the school performance in achieving them
  4. Formulating codes of conduct for students at the school
  5. Promoting the school in the community

(There are a number of other fine headings, which fall under the broad umbrella of the above descriptions).


School Council cannot however:

  1. Intervene in the educational instruction of the students
  2. Exercise authority over persons employed at the school
  3. Intervene in the management or operation of the school fund

All members adhere to a professional code of conduct in the business it conducts.

Current School Council Membership 2022


Lynley Neill (Principal)


Tara Vermeersch (Parent Representative)

Bradd Vermeersch (Parent Representative)

Ros Tyrrell (Parent Representative)

Amanda Bouckaert (Chair person)


Samantha Hatton (Staff Representative)


Elaine Egan (Community Representative)


Natalie Bowman (Community Representative)