2024 Mallee Interschool Athletics Carnival



The highlight of the day for me was beating Condingup and seeing everyone have fun!!!

What I liked about the day was the baton relay. It was really fun.

My highlight of the day was competing in spryball, and my team was really helpful.  Mallee North WON!!! It was my first time doing the Mallee Carnival at this school because I was in another school last time.

My highlight of the day was when I competed in spryball at the Mallee Interschool Carnival 2024, and Mallee North WON!!!

The two main highlights of the day was when I came 2nd in the long jump, only being beaten by 4cm, and when Mallee North broke Condingup's 11 year winning streak. Beating Condingup seemed extra special because it happened in my last chance to participate in the Mallee Sport Carnival:)

My highlight was when we were competing in spry ball and we dropped the ball and came back even faster and won second place. The other thing was that at the end we broke Condingup's 11 year win streak woo!!!

The highlight of the Mallee Interschool Carnival 2024 was seeing everyone trying their best. But my favourite parts that I was in, as a senior boy, were the team games and the baton relays. It was also amazing to finally break Condingup's 11 year win streak! That's as old as me! It was a great finish to primary school. I hope Mallee North wins next year!

Hi my favourite part of faction carnival it was the 100m boys relay. It was close but we lost by a  second. I was running like I was chasing 100 billion dollars. It was my last year of primary school. I hope next year for Scaddan we will go on a winning streak. GO MALLEE NORTH!

My main highlight is when we won and got rid of Condingup's 11th winning streak. Also, when I was in the senior boys 100m shuttle relay, Aidan was absolutely flogging it and helped us come second. The best thing was that we won for my last year of primary school.

I am proud of the baton relay. Next year Condingup and everyone else in Mallee North's way better watch out!!!

My favourite part of the day was the end when we got the most points, won the shield and stopping Condingup from getting their 11th win in a row. It was a miracle!!!

The biggest highlight of the day for me was when we broke Condingup's record. The day was really fun and exciting for everybody.

Student Forum

Hello we are the student leaders and we are going to talk about the tale of the Mallee Interschool Carnival. There were funny and tough moments but the most mysterious thing was the overall winner. The events were jumps, throws, sprints, long distance, team events, flags and the shuttle relays. To reveal the mysterious answer, Mallee North WON! We got rid of Condingup's 11 year win streak. It was an amazing moment to hold the shield, and the fact that it was our last year in primary school, made it even better. Everyone had lots of amazing moments and tried their very best. In the end we all had so much fun and brought home a win. GO MALLEE NORTH!