2023 Swim Week

We finished Term 3 with Mallee Swim Camp. It was a huge week. The event was highly successful due to the massive effort from our amazing and dedicated staff. We thank and appreciate the Mallee staff, school P&C's and our local community for their support.


Interm Swimming is an annual school-based swimming program for our Pre-primary to Year 6 students. It provides quality swimming lessons to ensure children develop vital swimming and water safety skills. The week also provides a networking opportunity for our staff and students to engage in cross curriculum activities provided by local community organisations.


Thank you to Mrs Gow for all your time and effort with the organisation and coordination of all the activities over the week.  It was a huge workload, and you are appreciated! Thank you to Mrs Berry for finalising all the paperwork. (Families will be invoiced this week.)


An extra special thank you to our school principals: Ms Watkins, Mr Weckert, Mrs Vooght-Simpson and Mrs Hughes and our fabulous Mallee teaching staff: Miss Turner, Mrs Lowe, Miss Worth, Mrs Bouckaert, Miss Belben, Mrs Sills, Miss Bond and Mrs Evans who all made the Year 3-6 camping option possible and fun! The students were an absolute pleasure and made the camping option very easy for our staff to supervise.


Thank you to the following staff who took on extra responsibility as teacher leaders each day: Miss Worth, Miss Bond, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Sills, Miss Turner, Miss Belben, Mrs Evans, Miss Hogg, Mrs Ritchie and Mrs McIlroy. The staff showed initiative and role modelled teamwork and problem solving. Thank you to all our teaching staff and education assistants over the week, you were fabulous support and nurtured our students to achieve their best at swimming lessons.


Thank you to our school P&C's and families for providing morning tea each day and catering for our students dietary needs. Our students were very spoilt. Thank you to our Scaddan P&C for providing a home cooked meal. The pasta night was another highlight!


Thank you to the following local businesses for their generous sponsorship:

Southern Ports Authority sponsorship of $3000 to assist with the cost of activities over the week.

Shire of Esperance sponsorship of $988.50 for stadium hire over the week and facilities for campers' showers and kitchen for dinner. Thank you to Billy Vibart for your brilliant coordination.

Ports Football Club provided free accommodation. Huge thankyou to Club President Calvin McCall for your very generous support. It was the perfect location and the venue provided everything that we required for comfortable camping over the week. 

Pink Lake IGA, Mr Chambers for the nutritious breakfast items and $100 gift card. 

Woolworths Esperance, Rachel for providing fruit for morning tea each day for all our students. It was the perfect treat for our hungry students.

Esperance Mini Golf, Kate for sponsoring Mini Golf for our students. It's always such a great activity for our students.

Dominoes Esperance for the huge discount on the cost of pizza for our family LEGO night. Students were very happy with their leftovers for breakfast!

Esperance Football Club members Karen, Cheryl, Kirsten and Lola for catering for our burger night.


Thank you to the following activity organisers:

Shire of Esperance Library Officer, Michelle Clark for organising Author Cristy Burne and the Family LEGO night. Thank you to Nat from Escare for also supporting our family LEGO night.

Esperance Community Arts Executive Officer, Jane Mulcock for organising our visit to the Wildflower Festival and the art session with botanist, Laura Skates.

BOILC Interm Swimming Coordinator, Kathy May for organising our swimming lessons. The students really enjoyed their lessons and their teachers. The students all displayed their personal best and improved their swimming skills.

Esperance Lawn Bowls coach, Jan for organising the indoor and outdoor skills sessions for our students. 

Esperance Rugby Union coach, Dan for providing such an engaging and fun session for our students.

Bunnings Esperance, Dee for your time and effort organising a craft activity for our students. Students loved taking home their creation to share with their families.

Shire of Esperance Club and Community Development Officer, Jill for providing the Giant Games. Students showed teamwork and were very competitive!

Cannery Arts Centre Learning and Engagement manager, Katie for organising an Artist in Residence painting workshop and a pottery workshop. It is always amazing to see our talented students finished products!

Esperance Residential College Manager Peter Jarzabek for providing a tour of the college and dinner. Thank you to YouthCare Chaplain Mr Jake for providing another fun disco!

School Road Safety and Drug Education Coordinator, Jill for providing the parent Vaping information session. Thank you to the families who attended.

Science Specialist, Karen Wooldridge for engaging students in the Solar Buddy project. Students built a solar light which has been sent to another country who is experiencing energy poverty. Students also wrote a letter to the recipient. What a great initiative. 

Shire of Esperance Waste Education Officer, Deb Sanger provided fun and informative activities for the students to learn more about waste management and sustainability.


Thank you also to Nige at Laundry and Linen for our clean towels each day and Susie Watt for the fantastic bus service.


Students and staff were absolutely exhausted by the end of the week, but it was so worth the effort. The smile on the students faces when they received their swimming certificates were priceless.


A feedback form will be emailed out to families seeking your ideas to improve the week in 2024.




A snap shot of 2023 Mallee Swim Week / Swim Camp.