2023 Faction Carnival

Mallee North Faction Carnival 2023


On Thursday the 23/3/2023 we had our Faction Carnival at Salmon Gums- Purple Passion vs Banana Blast. For the fourth time in a row Purple Passion, my faction, won. We had to compete in running, jumping, throwing, and lots of ball games. My favourite part was the four hundred metre race because I have always wanted to win a four hundred metre race at a Faction Carnival. My muscles are very sore now.



On Thursday the 23 of march we had our faction carnival Banana Blast VS Purple Passion. I am in Purple Passion, and we won! My favourite part was getting to see my friend Emily again, but I really enjoyed the 400m as well. I even came 2nd!



On Thursday the 23rd 2023 of March we had our Faction carnival Banana Blast V Purple passion held at salmon gums. My favourite thing was the two hundred metre and the shuttle relay because I did not win but I kept trying my very best at both and I got lots of first, seconds and fourths ribbons. 



I was nervous at the start of the Sports Carnival. But as soon as Mr Suttar said go, I ran as fast as a cheater and I beat Josh and Ryder, and nearly Jim.



On Thursday the 23rd of March we had Faction Carnival at Salmon Gums and we had two faction teams- Purple Passion and Banana Blast. We started with the long jump which sadly I came third. Next was the throws and luckily, I came second. Then the 75 meters was on, I was so excited and Ethan was so cheerful for me. 

“Go Jim!” Ethan shouted. 

“On your marks, get set…” said Mr Suttar. 

BANG! We were off. George was ahead for about two seconds and then I was like a bullet. I was so fast that I won and I’m in interschools. George and I came first and second which kept Purple Passion in the lead. Then the two hundred was up. I was so fast I got sore, but luckily, I still won. In the end, Purple Passion won! I was so happy to get my first win at a Faction Carnival. 



On Thursday the 23rd of March, Scaddan and Salmon Gums had a Faction Carnival and we ran, threw, and jumped lots. There were 2 teams- one was Purple Passion that I was in, and the other was Banana Blast. My favourite part is that I beat my friend in the 75m and the long jump. Sadly, she beat me in the rest but we both are in Purple Passion. I got lots of 1st and 2nd ribbons and Purple Passion won. Everybody is sore and tired now. 



On Thursday 23rd of March 2023 we had a Faction Carnival held by Salmon Gums. The teams were Purple Passion and Banana Blast.  I was in Banana Blast. We did not win but we tried our best and had lots of fun trying. My favourite part was the team games because we mostly got first, and it was so fun competing with Salmon Gums students.



On Thursday the 23d of March we had our Faction Carnival. It was held at Salmon Gums Primary School. The teams were Purple Passion vs Banana Blast.   

My favourite part was the flag race because the flag didn’t fall out, so I went and got my first-place ribbon at the podium.



On Thursday 23rd of March, Salmon Gums was hosting a Sports Carnival. We had two teams-Purple Passion and Banana Blast. We all had so much fun and my favourite part was doing the 200 metre run. It was my favourite part because I won by 600mm. Everyone had so much fun and at the end of the day we all sat on the grass while Mrs Neill announced the winning team. Purple Passion won the 4th time in a row and then she handed out the champion girl medals, and the champion boy medals. Josh, Holly, Ethan, Will, Marley and I won the awards. We were so happy that Purple Passion won again this year congratulations Purple Passion. 



On Thursday 23rd of March there was a Faction Carnival. My favourite was the 100m race. We got ready, the horn went, and I was like a cheetah and Ethan was like bullet in a shot gun. Ethan came really close to me, but I won by inches. I was really sore from the race, and I got a first ribbon. I walked on the podium, I felt amazing. We played on the hoops and the Lego-it was really fun for Banana Blast.  








Congratulations to Purple Passion, winning Faction.


Senior Boy Champion - Ethan


Intermediate Girl Champion - Indi-Lee


Intermediate Boy Champion - Joshua


Junior Girl Champion - Marley