A Shared Vision


In 2013, the school embarked on a new project known as 'Our Education Network'. It has taken parents, staff and community members many meetings and hard work with expert mentoring from two very experienced Principals, Mr William Martin and Mr Lindsay Harby, to develop a new shared school vision and set of core values.

Now that the shared vision and core values have been set, the school's staff and a group of very dedicated parents are working on action plans to improve all aspects of the school.

The major plans for 2017/2018 were: improving school communication with parents, publicising the school to the wider community and explicit teaching of thinking skills which will benefit all students as life-long learners.


Shared Vision

Scaddan Primary School is a caring and positive environment. High quality explicit teaching enables our children to become 21st century problem solvers who actively contribute to the local and global community. We nurture pride, excellence and respect to grow independent and confident children who value themselves and others. We are a unique and proud community built on positive relationships.


Core Values

Our Core Values of Excellence, Pride, Nurturing and Respect guide how we teach, learn and interact around our school every day.



Our motto is ‘Learning and Friendship’. Our aim is that every student is equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed in their learning journey and relationships with others.